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Working with terms

The basic definition of a term is:

Term creation

integer Taxonomy::getTermId(string $title, string|integer $vocabulary_id, integer $language_id = null, integer $type = Taxonomy::TERM_CONTENT)

The minimum to create a term is the title and the vocabulary_id, apart from getTermIds everywhere a vocabulary_id is requested, you can use the vocabulary name or its id.
Taxonomy::getTermId('A term', 'tag') or Taxonomy::getTermId('A term', Taxonomy::vocabulary('tag')) both work

By default, if you don't specify the language, it will use the current language.

// creating a simple term
$id = Taxonomy::getTermId('The title', 'tag');

// creating a term for another language
$id = Taxonom::getTermId('Un terme', 'tag', 2);

Creating a category

A category is nothing more than a term with the category type.

$id = Taxonomy::getTermId('Testing', 'tag', null, Taxonomy::TERM_CATEGORY)

Creating a lot of terms a once

array<integer> Taxonomy::getTermIds(array<string, array<string>> $taxonomies)

The creation of a lot of terms can be done for multiple vocabularies. The return of the function is an array of ids with no separation between the vocabularies.

$terms = [
    'tag' => ['Doc', 'Tutorial'],
    'artist' => ['Indochine', 'Dionysos']

$ids = Taxonomy::getTermIds($terms);

Retrieving a term from database

$id = Taxonomy::getTermId('The title', 'tag');

$term = Taxonomy::getTerm($id);

Printing a term

You can simply output a term's title by echoing it.

echo $term;

Or you can use these methods:

echo $term['title'];
echo $term->title();

You can also get the description this way:

echo $term['description'];
echo $term->description();

Retrieving other languages

As a a vocabulary can be multilingual, when a term is retrieved it's with all it's languages so you can use them right away:

echo $term->title('fr');
echo $term->description('fr');

If the language has not been translated, it will output the text in the language in which it was created, see with the following example:

$id = Taxonomy::getTermId('The title', 'tag');
$term = Taxonomy::getTerm($id);

echo $term->title(); // The title
echo $term->title('fr'); // The title

$language = $term->editLanguage('fr') //TermData
$language->title = 'Le titre';

echo $term->title('fr'); // Le titre

To check if a language is already translated or not there is the translated method

$id = Taxonomy::getTermId('The title', 'tag');
$term = Taxonomy::getTerm($id);

echo $term->translated('fr'); // false

$language = $term->editLanguage('fr') //TermData
$language->title = 'Le titre';

echo $term->translated('fr'); // true

Simple term or category ?

A term can be one of Taxonomy::TERM_CONTENT or Taxonomy::TERM_CATEGORY this can be checked with




Term ID

If needed, you can also get the term's id.